What does MicroHibro offer?


Microbial prediction 

It allows describing the kinetics of growth or inactivation of a microorganism of interest in a particular food, as well as possible transfer. The purpose of this module is to facilitate the evaluation of food safety and hygiene in microbiological terms.


Composed of microbial, sensory and physicochemical models, describing the relationship between the presence of a microorganism in a food, with the alteration of its properties and sensory characteristics. The purpose is to be able to assess and predict the shelf life of a specific product under conditions established by the user.

Risk Assessment 

It determines risk through hazard identification, hazard characterisation, exposure assessment and risk characterisation. microHibro facilitates this risk assessment by integrating microbial and dose-response assessment techniques and predictive modelling. In this way, it provides a solid and scientific basis for decision-making in the field of food quality and safety.

Sampling Plans 

By integrating different mathematical equations and statistical measures, microHibro provides the user with generic and specific sampling plans for a particular microorganism and feed, as well as batch sample sizes in quality control.


It allows working with experimental data, making a comparison between these and the predictions obtained by a model, showing the degree of validity of the prediction with respect to the data provided by the user.



Agroindustry Technology Centre


Spanish Agency of Consumer, Food Safety and Nutrition


Spanish National Research Council - Fat Institute


Aquaculture Technology Centre

Optimum Quality 

Grupo Nueva Pescanova 


Comienza el trabajo en el nuevo laboratorio del Grupo HIBRO

Jornada de Formación de UBAGO Group en la aplicación microHibro

MicroHibro ha sido presentado en el foro de trasferencia MURCIA FOOD 2021


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